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Crazy Mountain Billies is the alias used by multi- instrumentalist musician and vocalist Andy "Banjo" Bormes to describe his unique playing style on banjo that sounds like multiple instruments at once, coupled with harmonica and percussive elements. Formed in 2009 in the Rocky Mountains, the C.M.B. Style can be described as a psychedelic form of mountain bluegrass music. "I can say with absolute certainty that I have rarely heard anything quite like the Crazy Mountain Billies... the playing is exceptional... all of the elements of Bluegrass, but without being classifiable as being part of that genre..." 
- American Roots UK

Currently the artist is on the road touring the United States in support of the latest studio album "Journey Into the Backwoods" which is available on Bandcamp.

All of the music is written in the backwoods, inspired by the high-elevation remote lifestyle that very few are able to experience in this modern era. The music is meant to capture the pure essence of nature, and man's harmonious relationship with it outside the confines of society- a return to the original way of living. "One-man lineup works for his brand of bluegrass... his songs overflow with real melodies on multiple instruments. His unique vocals are worthy of praise." 
-Big Western Flavor